Luxembourg Presidency logo

The government that was formed after the 2013 legislative elections has made the promotion of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg one of its priorities. In the coalition agreement, it was stated that the 2015 Luxembourgish Presidency of the Council of the European Union provides an ideal opportunity to showcase the country's assets.  A new logo has not therefore been designed for the 2015 Presidency, contrary to the 2005 Presidency.

For the Presidency of the Council, the logo designed to promote Luxembourg abroad has been adapted to put the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg at the heart of this Presidency. The logo is available in three linguistic versions: French, German and English.

The original logo focuses on the name of the Luxembourg State. The part of the name which refers to its form of state - Grand Duchy - is written in black. The part of the name which refers to its territory - Luxembourg - is written in the colours of the Luxembourg flag: ' blue, white, red '

The following changes have been made to the logo for the 2015 Luxembourgish Presidency of the Council of the European Union:

  • The focus is placed on the name 'Grand Duchy of Luxembourg' by increasing the font size. The words which refer to its form of state are now written in capital letters to make a statement.
  • In its original version, the logo ended with a red full stop. In the new version, the full stop is blue and placed before the 'lu', which is a reference to both the country's web extension and to the internet portal, a website that presents and promotes the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg with general information dedicated to the Grand Duchy with regard to tourism, culture, politics, society and the economy.
  • The original red square framing the 'lu' has been sharpened and has a more contemporary look.
  • The 'Presidency of the Council of the European Union' reference is placed to the left of the logo, right aligned, and written in a neutral grey colour.

The skyline of Luxembourg, European capital

Together with the logo of the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the skyline of Luxembourg, European capital, completes the visual identity of this twelfth Presidency.

Skyline de Luxembourg, capitale européenne

The skyline is a reflection of this dynamic capital, which boasts a history spanning more than a thousand years and is deeply rooted in tradition, yet resolutely forward thinking. Its rich architectural heritage and picturesque quarters invite visitors to explore this city, which has played a key role in the European construction.

 The silhouette depicts the capital’s three symbolic quarters: Kirchberg with its European institutions, the city centre with its buildings steeped in history and the lively central station area. The two bridges linking these quarters symbolise the passage from tradition to modernity.

  • Updated 24-06-2015