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Council Meeting

Étienne Schneider will chair the meeting of the 'Energy' Council in Brussels


On 26 November 2015, the Deputy Prime Minister, Economy Minister Étienne Schneider will chair a meeting of the 'Energy' Council in Brussels. During the meeting several pillars of the EU's Energy Union be discussed: Energy Union governance, the new organisation of the electricity market and energy efficiency, more specifically, new product labelling.

Thanks to energy consumption labels, the energy efficiency of products on sale in the EU has improved in the past, benefiting both industry and consumers. An average household saves up to 450 euros per year. Prior to the Council, Étienne Schneider said: "Notwithstanding the positive results, labelling has had to be reviewed to better adapt to market realities and make it easier for consumers to understand. Working with other Member States, we have settled on a general approach in the Council representing a solid foundation for new labelling which will help kick-start negotiations with the European Parliament next year."

At the 'Energy' Council, the latest developments in international relations will also be covered. The session will be closed with the presentation of the forthcoming Dutch Presidency's agenda.

Press release issued by the Ministry of the Economy

  • Updated 25-11-2015