Agriculture and Fisheries Council (AGRI)

The Agriculture and Fisheries Council (AGRI) deals with the European Union’s policies on agricultural issues, including the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), forestry and food safety, and the harmonisation of rules on issues such as veterinary matters, animal welfare, and pesticides. It also deals with the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and maritime affairs. The Agriculture and Fisheries Council adopts legislation in a number of areas relating to the production of food, rural development and the management of fisheries. The AGRI Council meets generally once a month.

Measures relating to CAP aim to increase agricultural productivity, ensure a fair standard of living for the agricultural community, stabilise markets, assure the availability of supplies and ensure that supplies reach consumers at reasonable prices.

The Council also adopts legislation on fisheries policy, the setting of annual Total Allowable Catches (TACs) and quotas for each species, and on the allocation of fishing opportunities. A key challenge is to make fisheries more environmentally sustainable and more economically viable, while addressing issues such as over-fishing and fleet overcapacity.

  • Updated 22-06-2015