Agriculture and Fisheries
Council Meeting

Agriculture and Fisheries Council

14-12-2015 / 15-12-2015 - Justus Lipsius building

Agenda highlights


The Council will seek to reach political agreement on the 2016 fishing opportunities for member states applicable in EU waters and, for EU vessels, in certain non-EU waters. Ministers will decide on the maximum quantities of fish from specific stocks that can be caught in that sea (TACs - total allowable catches), as well as the fishing effort limits (number of days at sea) for EU vessels in the Atlantic, the North Sea and international fisheries in which EU vessels participate.

Ministers are also expected to decide on the 2016 fishing opportunities in the Black Sea, which apply mainly to turbot and sprat and are regulated on an annual basis.


Ministers will have an exchange of views on sustainable agriculture, forestry and fisheries in the bio-economy.

The Council will also be updated by the presidency on the state of play of the proposals relating to the supply of fruit, vegetables bananas and milk in schools.

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