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Conference – Digital Economy: Let’s be ready for the new Jobs!

10-11-2015 / 11-11-2015 - Alvisse Parc Hotel

The conference, that will take place on 10 and 11 November at Alvisse Parc Hote, is organised by the Luxembourg Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy with the support of the European Commission (Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Mobility).

Bringing together decision makers, social partners, and experts, this conference will discuss the digitalisation of the economy and its impact on employment, public policy responses to this challenge, and the role of the European Social Fund.

The main language of the conference will be English, with the occasional use of French and German. Simultaneous translation from these three languages towards English and French will be provided.  

The agenda is structured around three key areas:

  • What are the consequences of the digital change on job creation and destruction in the EU?
  • How to face these challenges?
  • How to use the European Social Fund (ESF) to maximise the growth potential of the digital economy through the lens of the workforce capabilities to seize new jobs opportunities and therefore turning the digitalisation of the economy into a chance for employment?

Objectives of the conference

  • Illustrate and demonstrate the negative and positive impact of the digitalisation of the economy by stakeholders and researchers
  • Provide key decision makers with real live digital experiences of the current and future innovations  
  • Identify labour and education policy orientations to boost job creation  and facilitate job conversion
  • Exchange on the best ways to use the ESF to support digital skills and job creation.


Participants need to register at https://delegate.eu2015lu.eu by using the delegation code 188.DELEGATE.

Please note that if this is the first time you register for a Luxembourg Presidency conference, you need to create a new account beforehand.

After completion of the registration, badges will be issued at the conference venue.

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