Development - Education, Youth, Culture, Sport

International conference “Culture and development: Towards a more strategic approach to cultural policies in the EU’s external relations”

03-09-2015 / 04-09-2015 - Trifolion

Looking for ways to raise the awareness of culture in the European Union's external relations, the Luxembourg Presidency focusses on the specific aspect of culture and development as a concrete area to state the case for a more transversal and strategic integration of culture into development policies and, beyond, into the EU's external action.


Participants can register at by using the delegation code 272.GUEST until August 28th 2015. Please note that if this is the first time you register for a Luxembourg Presidency conference, you need to create a new account beforehand.

After completion of the registration, badges will be issued at the conference venue.

  • Updated 19-08-2015