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Informal Ministerial Meeting

Informal meeting of Ministers of Health devoted to dementia, the refugee crisis and the cross-border healthcare directive

In the frame of the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union, an informal meeting of Ministers of Health will be held on 24 and 25 September 2015 in Luxembourg.

The Council will start with discussions on the subject of dementia – and, more specifically, secondary prevention and post-diagnostic support considered in the light of some examples of good practices. How can care policies and practices be improved in order to help people suffering from dementia? On this occasion, the "Dementia Prevention Programme" (DPP), launched in June 2015, will be used as a model and will be presented to EU Member States.

The refugee crisis has become a reality which is mobilising the whole of Europe and is a subject which needs to be addressed across all policy areas - including public health. Therefore, the Ministers of Health will discuss the impact of migration on the healthcare systems of Member States, as well as the coherent and coordinated policies to be planned.

This informal meeting of Ministers of Health will also be an opportunity, two years after the transposition deadline, to take stock of the impact of the cross-border healthcare directive since the entry into force of this landmark text on patients' rights.   

Communicated by the Ministry of Health  

  • Updated 24-09-2015